i love your ugly

Here at Lovella we love love. We love all the sappy, all the silly, and all the cutesy. All things lace. All things tulle. Florals. Family. Celebration. Champagne.

All things wedding.

But our passion for love goes far beyond the “I Do” moment.

We believe marriage was created to shape our character vs. happiness alone. We will never find true happiness or true joy on this side of heaven. Marriage will never “fix” you, “fulfill you” or make things just straight up “better.”

Marriage exposes our ugly.

It brings out what lies deep in our hearts, both the good and the ugly. But when we look at why God created marriage and the beauty HE wants us to experience in it, everything makes sense.

Marriage is a reflection of Christ’s love.

HIS selfless love. Despite our brokenness and ugly, selfish hearts we are still loved, still accepted, we have a place, not because we earned it, not because we deserve it, but because HE loves us unconditionally.

This is the goal of marriage, I love you despite your ugliness.

Marriage is a resting place where love, trust, peace, safety, growth and nurturing is offered. Not because our spouse deserves it, but because we are called to be driven by a greater purpose and to give like Christ has given to us.

I am picking up dirty clothes too. Somedays with a smile on my face. Other days with a grunt. Without the mess, there is no life being lived. So we press forward in gratitude and grace. Not because we feel like it but because we are called to something higher.