blushing cheeks

I’ll never forget the day I opened a trunk full of my Grandmother’s lingerie. I’m not talking about one or two old fashioned, modest, sweet, colorful nightgowns. I am talking ALL black, ALL stringy, FULL lacy, ALL slinky, silky, soft, and straight sexy!


At the time, I was with my Mom and sister and we were cleaning out what seemed like a forgotten closet that was in need of some attention. As my sister slowly and fearfully pulled out each garment, we couldn’t help but delight in the details and imagine the stories each one told. This bottomless trunk of fun left us on the floor in a puddle of tears and laughter. We put them on over our clothes, danced around and called Grandma to tell her we found her box of hidden secrets.

“Oh Honey, how else do you think we ended up with eight children?! Your Papa bought me a new black nightie every few months!” my Dorie boasted to us as we giggled and blushed.

Almost fifteen years later, this is an important reason I do what I do.  I wish to provide my brides with items they’ll treasure a lifetime. Our veils are made to last and are meant to be passed from generation to generation, a symbolic piece that holds years of love and tenderness. To be found in the back of the closet by the grandkids. May they giggle and blush and follow in grandma's footsteps of a passionate, tender and rich, lifelong love that is found in the covenant of marriage.