4 tips to newlywed nesting

If you are anything like me, you got married young, with little money and a small amount of “stuff” for your first place. Since being married we’ve moved twice and each move I find myself doing these four things within just a few days of moving in!

1. Deep Clean.

Grab a bucket, fill it with warm water, add some Pine Sol and knock yourself out. Whether your space is old or brand new, starting with a deep clean before unpacking your things goes a long way. Grab a box of Magic Erasers by Mr.Clean and get every inch of your walls sparkling. TIP: You can also use the Magic Eraser on your bathtub, if there are small spots that aren’t coming off from basic cleaning. Don’t forget to wipe the tops of your baseboards!

2. Lighting and curtains are everything!

Lighting can make or break a room! Overhead lighting is so harsh and can make a room feel large and empty. Adding a few lamps to each room adds a very cozy and homey feeling in minutes. Pay attention to the kind of lightbulb you are buying. “Soft white” is our personal favorite.

Get those curtains up ASAP! They will fill your empty room beautifully and help get rid of that terrible echo! TIP: Hang the curtain rod as high as your possibly can. This will elongate your windows even if they are small!

3. LOVE Every Item You Buy

Yes, there will be many things on your registry you still need! Oven mitt? Buy one that makes you happy! Don’t just buy things to buy things. Ask yourself, “Do I LOVE this? Does it make me happy every time I see it?” Because you are trying to shop on a budget, everything in your space matters. You will be more likely to keep things for longer periods when you put in the time to find items you love, not just like.

4. Bake Something!

One of my mom’s friends gave me this advice! As soon as you unpack your brownie pan, bake brownies! This is a MUST within the first three days of moving in. It will make your space smell and feel like a home no matter how unpacked you are.

Light a candle, turn your lamps on, close your curtains and eat brownies on the floor of your home with your new hubs. Sit in the mess together and laugh about how absolutely miserable it is to move.

Welcome Home!